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Solitaire - also known as patience, is one of the most popular card games worldwide. Our variant is played as a duel between two players. Players aim to group all 54 cards in 4 sequences of cards in descending order (King - 1). Both players are issued the same card arrangement and therefore have the same chance of winning.

The game starts off with seven stacks of cards face-up. Extra cards form a draw pile of cards face-down. The player draws a card from the draw pile, exposes it and then attempts to place the card on one of the seven stacks. To be able to place a card on a stack, the draw card must follow the descending order of the card on top of a pile (leading card) and its colour must also oppose that of the leading card. For example - a player can only place a 7 of hearts or diamonds (red) on a pile led by a 8 of spades or clubs (black). If this is not possible, the player draws the next card from the draw pile and makes a new attempt. When the player exhausts the draw pile, the exhausted draw cards are rotated and the player may attempt to place the draw cards again. Rotation of the draw pile represents a new round. Players lose points for every new round he/she begins.

The aim of solitaire is to hold the most points at the end of each game. Players can opt to end the game at any time, should he/she be unable to make any senseful move.