Spite and Malice

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Min. no. of players:
~ 9 min.
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Spite and Malice

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1summer_dream_Skill level: 2003
2NFVDSkill level: 1965
3ichredenixSkill level: 1825

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Spite and Malice is a 2-player card game, which is also known as ‘Skip-Bo’. At the start of the game each player receives 5 hand cards, his/her own ‘goal pile’ and four ‘discard piles’. The player with the highest card in his/her goal pile begins the game.

The players must lay their cards in ascending order (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q) on the ‘playing piles’ in the middle of the table.

Kings are Jokers and can be laid in place of any other card. The aim of the game is to clear your goal pile first. This can be achieved by using your own hand cards, including Jokers, as well as the run of cards laid by your opponent. The first player to clear his/her own goal pile wins the game. If the deck is used up, the player with the fewest cards in his/her goal pile wins.