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31: Instructions

By clicking on “New Game” the player can choose one of three different versions of the game:

- A7: Card deck from Ace to 7
- A9: Card deck from Ace to 9
- A5: Card deck from Ace to 5

31 is a card game for up to six players. A deck of 32 cards is used for the game (7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace in each of the four suits).

The cards have the following values:
7=7, 8=8, 9=9, 10=10, Jack=10, Queen=10, King=10, Ace=11

At the beginning of the game, each player receives three lives and three cards. The dealer has the opportunity to either keep his/her cards or take new ones. If the cards are kept, all three are laid face up in the middle of the table. If the dealer chooses to exchange them, the cards are also laid face up, before he/she draws three new cards. The player to the left of the dealer begins the game.

The player, whose turn it is, has the opportunity to choose whether he/she:

- exchanges a hand card for one from the table
- exchanges all three cards at once
- does nothing ("stands") or
- "knocks" (if no one has knocked already).

The next player must then take his/her turn. "Knocking" means that each of the opponents gets another turn. Once the players have taken their turn(s), the round comes to an end. If all of the players "pass", the three cards on the table are replaced by three from the deck and the game is continued.

The aim of the game is to achieve the highest points total in each of the rounds.

At the end of each round, the loser must give away one of his/her lives. As soon as a player gives away his/her last life, the player is said to be “on the bus”. If this player loses again, then he/she must leave the game. The last player remaining is the winner. The round comes to an end if a player receives a “Fire” or a “31“. The player with one of these combinations, he/she must reveal his/her cards and the round is calculated. Should one of these combinations arise directly from the deal, the round also comes to an end. An optional card exchange is not possible in this case.


At the end of each round, the cards are revealed and compared with each other. The hands are ordered as follows:

- 3 Aces (“Fire“)
- Hand with 31 points (“31”)
- 3 like cards in different suits ("30 1/2")

The remaining hands are worth their face value.
To calculate the points, all cards of the same suit are added together. The highest possible combination gives the value of the hand, e.g. 7 of Spades, 8 of Hearts, King of Hearts equals 18 points (8+10), Ace of Spades, 7 of Hearts, 8 of Hearts equals 15 points (7+8), etc.

The following also applies:
- Two hands of 3 like cards are ranked by the individual value of the cards. That means that three 10s have a higher value than three 7s.
- For low hands of the same value, the suit decides: Clubs > Spades > Hearts > Diamonds.
- In the case that the point values and the suits are the same, the highest card in the suit wins.