Sergeant Major

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Sergeant Major

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Sergeant Major is a popular Polish card game for 3 players. A deck of 52 cards is used. players begin with 16 cards and must follow suit rule. Players take turns in declaring the trump suit at the beginning of each round.

After the trump suit has been nominated, play gets underway. Participants play a card to the trick in clockwise succession, with the aim of taking the trick by playing the highest trump card. If a player doesn't have a trump card in their hand, they may play a card of any suit. If there are no trump cards in the trick, the highest card matching the first-played suit wins the trick. The player who wins the trick initiates the next round.

Players aim to win the given minimum number of tricks. The player who declares the trump suit is required to win 8 tricks in that round. The player after the delclarer must win 5 tricks and the last player must win 3 tricks.