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~ 9 min.
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1ncorteSkill level: 2032
2__danger__Skill level: 1981
3evensSkill level: 1929

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Belote is a 4 player card game which is played in teams. Players may choose between Belote Classic (without declarations) and the variant Contrée. At the start of the game the trump suit must be chosen. Players must follow suit and take tricks when possible. The highest trump card wins the trick. If no trump is played, the highest card of the played suit wins the trick.

In the Belote Classic variant players may call ‘sequences’ or ‘fours’ during the first trick. If a player holds the trump Queen and the trump King, he/she can call ‘Belote’, for which he/she receive 20 bonus points. The points from the tricks and calls are totalled up for each team. The team to reach 501 or 701 points first wins the game.