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~ 12 min.
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This card game for 2-4 players is known as Zsírozás in Hungary, Hola in Poland and Sedma in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Two teams of two are formed in 4-player games. The game is played with 32 cards. The player who sets up the game must decide on the score that must be reached to win.

At the start of the game each player receives 4 cards. Any card can be played. Therefore you need not follow suit nor take the trick with trumps. The last card with the same rank as the first card played wins the trick. 7s are Jokers.

The aim of the game is to take the most tricks. Once all of the cards have been played, and your team has outscored the other team, you receive one point. If you or your team scores 80 points during the game, you receive 2 points on your score sheet. If a team manages to win all of the tricks, it scores 3 points on its score sheet.