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~ 12 min.
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Zsírozás: Instructions

Zsírozás is a card game for 2 or 4 players. Teams are formed when 4 players are in play. The game is played with 32 cards. Every player is dealt 4 cards at the beginning. The remaining cards remain in the deck.

Order of Play

The game is played to a score of one, five or ten. The player that opens the game decides the score that must be reached.

Any card can be played. Therefore you need not follow suit nor take the trick with trumps. The last card with the same rank as the first card played, wins the trick. 7s are Jokers. They can always be played and are of equal rank to the first card played.

For example: The following is played 9, Ace, 9, King. The third player wins the trick and gets 10 points.

Multiple tricks

If the trick is made by an opponent of the player that opens, he/she has two possibilities. Either he/she accepts this trick or starts a new round. In order to do this however, the player needs a card of the same rank as the first played card or a 7.

For example: The following is played 9, Ace, 10, 7. The other team would win the trick thanks to the 7. Player one does, however, have another 9 and can therefore start a new round.

After a trick is won, each player is dealt new cards until he/she has four cards in the hand. Once the deck is empty, no more cards can be dealt. A round is finished when all cards have been played.


In a game of four players, there are a few calls that can be made to your partner player. These are:
  • Grease it!
  • Don’t grease it!
  • Beat it!
  • Don’t beat it!


Aces and 10s count for 10 points. All other cards are worth 0 points.

The points for a round are distributed as follows:
  • If a team gains more points than the opposition they receive a score. When points are tied the team that won the last trick earns the score.
  • If 80 points are reached, the winners score 2 on their score sheet.
  • If a team manages to win all tricks they score 3 on their score sheet.