Joker Wild

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Joker Wild

Joker Wild: Instructions

Before you play Joker Wild, you need to top up yours Twists. To do this you simply click on ‘Deposit’ and select the desired amount. You can top up your GameTwist account by clicking on ‘Account’. You will then be taken to your account and can buy Twists by using various payment methods.

Once you have established your credit and stake, you can start the game by clicking ‘Start’. 5 cards will be dealt in front of you and the probabilities will be shown next to the hands in the paytable. You can set your cards to hold with the help of these percentage figures and the computer's recommendation. All cards with a red hold-frames are not affected when using the ‘Swap’ button. You can only swap once per round.

If you have a good hand and win the game you automatically trigger the Gamble Game. In this game you can increase your Twists or book them directly to your account. If you lose the game then you go back to the start and begin the game again.

And who wouldn’t want to double their Twists? You get the chance to do this when your hand holds one of the winning combinations from the paytable. The Gamble Game appears automatically, in which, with a little luck, you can double your Twists! If you would rather play it safe, just click on the ‘Collect’ button and the twists will be credited to your account.

There are two possibilities:
  • Risk
You have the chance to double your Twists. If you bet on the wrong card, then you lose all of the Twists.
  • ½ Risiko
You play the game of risk with half of your Twists and the other half are booked to your player account.

In this game of risk you are shown two cards face down. The aim is to guess which card is the higher. You can only select one of the cards by first or clicking on ‘Risk’ or ‘½ Risk’ Both cards will then be turned over once you have selected a card. If your card is the higher card, then you beat the bank and your Twists will be shown in the pyramid at the side. If you selected the lower of the two cards, then you lose your current win and go back to the normal game. If the cards are of the same value then two new cards will be dealt. You can continue playing the Gamble Game until you either lose or reach the top of the pyramid. You can book your Twists to your account at any time by clicking ‘Collect’.

To crack the jackpot you need to have a Direct Royal Flush in your hand. A Direct Royal Flush is a Royal Flush that you have straight from the deal. That means that you have a Royal Flush in your hand without having to use the swap function.

  • Kings or Better: A pair of kings or aces. No Twists are won for lower pairs.
  • Two Pair: Two pairs.
  • Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value.
  • Straight: 5 cards in a row of any suit.
  • Flush: 5 cards of the same suit.
  • Full House: Three cards of the same value and a pair.
  • Four of a Kind Four cards with the same value.
  • Wild Royal Flush: A Royal Flush where one of the cards is replaced with a joker.
  • Five of a Kind Four cards with the same value and a joker.
  • Straight Flush: 5 cards of the same suit in a row.
  • Royal Flush: A sequence from 10 to ace in the same suit.
  • Direct Royal Flush: A Royal Flush received from the deal without having to use the swap function. With which you crack the jackpot!