Sic Bo

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Sic Bo

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Sic Bo: Instructions

The player must place chips on the table to indicate his/her prediction. Once the player has determined his/her stakes, the dice are rolled.

Once the dice have been rolled and the result determined, the player is informed as to whether he/she has won or not. Any winnings are then credited to the player.

Betting options

Big and Small

With a Small bet the player bets on the total value of all three dice being 10 or lower, and that no triple will be rolled. Similarly, a Big bet is wagered if the player believes that the total value of the dice will be 11 or higher and that no triple will be rolled. The odds are 1:1

Specific Triple

Here a player can bet on a specific triple, e.g. 2-2-2. The odds are 207:1

Any Triple

Here the player can bet on any triple. The odds are 34:1

Specific Double

Similar to the Specific Triple, the player can bet on a number coming up twice. The odds are 12:1

Domino Combination

Here the player can bet on the result of two of the dice. If these specific numbers come up, the player wins. The odds are 6:1

Total Sum Combination

The player can also bet on the total value of the dice. The following combinations and odds are available:

Total value: 4 Odds: 69:1
Total value: 5 Odds: 34:1
Total value:6 Odds: 20:1
Total value: 7 Odds: 13:1
Total value: 8 Odds: 9:1
Total value: 9 Odds: 7:1
Total value: 10 Odds: 6:1
Total value: 11 Odds: 6:1
Total value: 12 Odds: 7:1
Total value: 13 Odds: 9:1
Total value: 14 Odds: 13:1
Total value: 15 Odds: 20:1
Total value: 16 Odds: 34:1
Total value: 17 Odds: 69:1
Single die

The player also has the opportunity to bet on a single number coming up. If the number comes up once, the odds are 1:1. If two dice show this number, the odds are 2:1, and 15:1 if all three dice show the number.