Wizard Bingo
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Mega/Big Win Animations

With Wizard Bingo you can multiply your winnings as if by magic - no wonder because with the help of a magic crystal ball the numbers for a winning combination are guaranteed not to be hocus-pocus. With a ‘bonus’ - or ‘Bingo’ - winning pattern you also get to enjoy valuable potions which give you magical winnings with one sip!

With ‘Latin Bingo’ you get to experience the entertaining numbers slot in a South American slot machine variant. 30 bingo balls are drawn after placing your stake. You win if the numbers on the balls form one or several of the winning patterns on the 4 bingo cards! Still not enough? Of course you can purchase up to 10 extra balls afterwards to rake in one or the other big win!

Wizard Bingo Bonus Game

If you get all of the numbers on a bingo card (‘Bingo’) or have achieved the ‘Bonus’ pattern, the Wizard Bonus Game starts with further magical winning chances! Treat yourself to one of the potions and look forward to magical amounts of Twists! You can drink the potions until the word ‘End’ appears instead of an instant win for your player account.

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