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A saloon, 4 revolver heroes and a cards table - a scene well-known by all Western fans. What am I playing? 5 Card Draw, of course! It's the classic Wild West card game and the godmother of all Poker games! As opposed to Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, this variant does not feature any community cards. 5 cards in your hand, 2 betting rounds, the ability to swap cards - short and sweet - just like in the Wild West. The best hand wins - and if that is not enough, the player who uses their strategy to get the other players to fold is deemed the winner!

How does 5 Card Draw work?

As with all other Poker variants, the small and big blinds have to be surrendered before cards are dealt. The player immediately left of the dealer automatically surrenders the small blind (half the minimum bet amount), and the next player to the left automatically surrenders the big blind (minimum bet amount). All players then receive a hand of 5 cards, which are not viewable by others. Players may then choose to continue with the game or pass.

First betting round

The first betting round starts with the player who surrendered the small blind - to the left of the dealer. Taking turns, all players have the chance to bet, call, fold or check (neither bet or fold). The “check” option is not available as soon as a bet is made in the current betting round. In this case, all successive players may only call, raise or fold. If all players choose to check, cards are then swapped.

Players can match players bets by opting to call. If a player wishes to raise, they must bet the big blind value as a minimum.

Card Swapping

Once the first betting round has finished, players have the chance to swap some or all cards in their hand. You are not obliged to swap any cards from your hand if you do not wish to do so. Click on the cards you would like to swap out and then click on the "Swap" button to action the swap. If you don't want to swap, simply wait until the time has run out, or click on the "Swap" button without selecting any cards.

Second Betting Round and Showdown

Now it's getting exciting - enter the second betting round, which follows the same principles as the first one. The Showdown then completes the game. Of all the players still in the game, the player with the best 5-card hand is declared the winner.

The dealer chip is passed around to the player left of the dealer as the next round commences. The player who receives the dealer chip becomes the dealer for the new round. The small and big blind positions move along with the dealer chip.

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