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Omaha is a little bit trickier than its big brother Texas Hold 'Em: Your combination of 2 hole cards and 3 community cards decides whether you will win the pot or not. Up to 10 players can compete against each other and will try and win the game either with the best 5 card combination or the best bluff.

How does Omaha work?

The 2 players seated to the left of the dealer will be asked initially to pay the blinds - the Small Blind (half the minimum stakes) goes to the player left of the dealer, the Big Blind (minimum stakes) goes to the player to his left. The Blinds will be calculated automatically.

First betting round

Are you ready? All players then receive a hand of 4 cards, which are not visible to the others. Now it's the remaining players turn to buy into the game or to pass and leave the game. After the first phase the Flop, 3 community cards which can be used by all players to complement their hand, will be turned over.

Second betting round

After the 3 community cards have been turned over the next betting phase starts. Bet, call, check (neither bet nor pass) or pass? The player to the left of the dealer starts again. The other players follow in turn.

Check is only available as long as no bets have been made. Once a bet has been placed the remaining players can only call, raise or fold. Should all players check, the next card is being dealt.

Players can match players bets by betting the same amount. If a player wishes to raise, they must bet the big blind value as a minimum.

At the end of the second betting round the turn, the fourth community card, will be displayed in the centre of the table.

Third betting round

The third round takes place in the same way as the previous betting rounds and ends with the turning over of the fifth community card (River).

Fourth betting round and showdown

The remaining players will now play the last betting round and the showdown. 2 hold cards and 3 community cards decide - whoever creates the best 5 card combination wins. If players have an equal hand the kicker, the highest cards not held in common, will decide the outcome of the round.

After the showdown the next player in clockwise direction is the dealer, thereby changing the positions of the players. A 'D' will be displayed next to the current dealer.

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