Marilyn's Poker II™
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Mega/Big Win Animations

52 cards and a game joker will deliver the ultimate, entertaining poker experience at the video poker slot machine Marilyns' Poker™. With your knack for lucky poker hands you have to create the best 5 card combinations according to common poker hands. Your lucky streak starts with 2 pairs and the main prize awaits you if you land 5 matching cards with the help of the pretty Marilyn as a Joker.

In addition a mini bonus, which will increase with every 'Jacks or Better' combination played (2 Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces), waits for you with Marilyn's Poker II™ 'Jacks or Better' only pays out when a second round of cards has been bought. After a certain number of 'Jacks or Better' combos the minibonus played will land on your balance!

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