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Mega/Big Win Animations

No stone is left unturned here when gradually more and more colourful blocks rain down on you. Here you not only duel with your comrades, but also battle in a race against time. Row upon row of the colourful blocks pile up rapidly, but beware! They can only blow away again when you build them together without a gap.

In this mind-bending puzzle you must form 55 rows from the 7 different game pieces as quickly as possible. Which modules are available to you for this purpose is determined by chance. One by one the stones fall into the field of play and you have to turn them during their descent so that they fit into your next row. Here you can really spoil the game for your opponent. Once you have blown away 2 or more rows, these pile up on the opponent’s playing field - therefore quickly hindering your opponent in their chances of victory.

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