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Mega/Big Win Animations

Baloot is a card game from Saudi-Arabia for 4 people in 2 teams, which is similar to the French Belote. The origins of the game are unknown. According to various legends it came to Saudi-Arabia by way of Indian immigrants or the Ottomans. Nowadays it is a widespread card game in Saudi-Arabia played by young and old alike.

The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible with tricks and - depending on the game - announcements along with your partner and be the first team to reach the point limit. You choose to play with or without announcements. If you have trump Queen and trump King on your hand (Belote and Re-Belote) you will receive additional points.

Play the tricky and exciting Saudi Arabian game with game partners from all over the world, take as many tricks as possible and grab the most points with your team!

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