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Jass is a game in the Bézique family that, according to legend, was brought from the Orient to Europe by Dutch mercenaries. Today, it is the national card game of Switzerland and popular in the Alemannic area (Liechtenstein, Vorarlberg, southern Germany, Alsace). The Jass (Dutch for buffoon/peasant) refers to the trump Jack and is the highest card in the game.

The aim with the popular variant “Schieber” is to be the first team to score the agreed number of points. You can get points by taking tricks and calling bids. In “Differenzler”, however, you play alone, try to get as few minus points as possible and predict the number of tricks that you will take.

The special feature of Jass is that following suit is limited and there is no possibility of trumping under – and this is what makes the game so exciting! Join in the Swiss national game and get a host of points!

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