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Mega/Big Win Animations

Sheepshead is a traditional Bavarian card game for 4 players. The card game was well-known even in the 19th century and has not lost any of its fascination in Bavaria.

The aim of the game is to score a certain number of points by taking tricks. First, a round of bids is made to determine the playmaker. If you make the highest bid, you determine what will be played and whether you play with a partner or alone. In a partner hand (Sauspiel) the playmaker names a trump Ace of his/her choice in order to find a partner. You will only find out who you are partnered with over the course of the game. You can also announce a lone hand, whereby you will have 3 opponents who will try to prevent you scoring points. Players must follow suit, but do not have to take tricks.

Play one of Bavaria’s most popular and widespread card games!

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