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Mega/Big Win Animations

Solitaire Poker is a mix of the 2 popular card games Solitaire and Poker. It is also known as Poker Square or Poker Patience and the aim is to create the best poker hands. At GameTwist 2 players compete against each other in a duel.

You have got 5 minutes to place 50 playing cards in a grid of 5x5 fields. For this purpose you can arrange 5 cards horizontally, vertically or diagonally to create a poker hand. The grid's purpose is to position the cards in a strategic manner and get as many hands as possible with poker hands. After every completed row the points that you have scored will be added up and the cards disappear from the playing field. But be careful if a card has been placed on the grid it cannot be moved anymore.

Think carefully about where you place your cards, get the maximum number of points with different poker combinations and win this fast game!

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