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Mega/Big Win Animations

Tarneeb has its origins in Lebanon and is very popular in the Middle East in different versions. The name 'Tarneeb' means 'trump' in the Arab language, which also describes the game.

Tarneeb is a 4-player trick taking game which is played using a 52-card deck. Every player is dealt 13 cards and partners up with his opponent for the duration of the game. The crucial question of the game is how many tricks you take with together with your partner. The first step is that the players place bets. The highest trick announcement counts. Afterwards the player who has placed the highest bet decides on the trump suit of the current round.

To win a round the team has to achieve their highest bid. The team which reaches the agreed numer of points first wins.

Calculate and risk - with Tarneeb you win when your guess is right!

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