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Tarock is a the name for a large family of card games that are widespread in many European countries. The original version of Tarock came into being in 1425 in the Po Valley and is thus one of the oldest traditional card games in the world. A special feature of Tarock games is that in addition to the suit cards (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades) there is also a series of trump cards (Tarock) that are numbered with Roman numerals. There is also an additional card in the suits, the Knight, which ranks between the jack and the queen.

A popular Austrian variant for 4 players is Tarock 20. It is played with 40 cards (20 Tarock and 20 suit cards) The aim is to score as many points as possible by making enough tricks. Here you have to note that Tarock cards (except in a suit solo) beat the suit cards. You must follow suit and Tarock in this game, but not take tricks.

Prove your skill in this exciting and entertaining game!

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