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Are 8 balls not enough for you? Then Snooker is just right for you. This technically challenging game requires precision and is deemed the supreme discipline among the pool games.

Are you ready for a nerve-wrecking game where you have to push your opponent into a corner? Are you cunning, are you anticipating moves and have you got the right game strategy at the ready? Then you will be the celebrated winner at the end of the day.

The game will be played with 22 balls, which have different colours and carry different point scores: There are 15 red (1 point), 6 coloured (yellow = 2 points, gree = 3 points, brown = 4 points, blue = 5 points, pink = 6 points and black = 7 points) and a white ball (game ball).

With every shot a red ball has to be hit. If you can sink the red ball without a foul a coloured ball has to be announced. If you pocket the announced ball again, points will be counted and you can continue to play. As soon as a foul has been committed it is your opponent's turn. Your aim is to collect as many points as possible for pocketed balls.

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