Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation
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Mega/Big Win Animations


In the slot Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation you nick Twists on 5 reels with 20 pay lines together with your accomplice Bert. The Wild symbol scores the highest winnings.


Your aim in Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation is to line up 5 identical winning symbols on one of the win lines that all run from left to right.

Bonus symbols

Your partner Bert is the most valuable symbol in the game: He collects the highest winnings and as a Wild symbol he also substitutes for any other symbol (except for any other Bonus symbol) and therefore swamps your player account with Twists. Besides the Wild symbol there are 4 Bonus symbols that appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 only and trigger the following Bonus games when they land 3 times after a spin:

A Bone for Bonzo

In this bonus game you can tell the dog Bonzo where he is supposed to digg. As long as he digs up bones - and thereby bet multipliers - the feature is continued; only when he unearths a fish bone the bonus game ends.

On the Run

This bonus game is a chase played with dice: Bert is in the top left corner of the playing field. By clicking "Throw dice" Bert moves ahead by the number of points rolled and stops on a field with a multiplier. After that, police officer Sergeant Bell rolls the dice and tries to catch up with Bert. This continues until Bert is caught by Bell. The lineup then completes the game: If Bell can identify Bert (by clicking "Start" one of the 3 suspects - one of them Bert - is chosen at random) the feature ends. If one of the other two suspects is selected you either return to the Bonus game or receive compensation. During the Bonus game you can land further Bonuses, e.g. with "Get ahead" can throw the dice again or with "Add again" you can double your win.

Daylight Robberies

The "Daylight robberies" feature is a special bonus: Here, you play an unlimited amount of free games on 40 win lines with additional Wild symbol while Bert and Bonzo are on a raid being chased by Bell. Capture as many Twists as possible - the total bet x 1000 including all Bonus wins is waiting - before Bell arrests Bert and Bonzo!

Searchlight Wilds

In this Bonus game a searchlight shines on the reels during 5 free games; with every spin Wilds are added to wherever the searchlight points on the reels. You can earn further Bonus games in this bonus game; in this case your current winnings remain unchanged but if there are free game rounds left those are forfeited.


Dynamite Win

Following an unsuccessful spin Bert can blow up the reels and uncover a win or a bonus.

Bert’s Going Wild

During a spin Bert can add one or several Wilds anywhere on the reels.

Reel looter

Bert can swing in front of the reel set on a rope and insert copies of the first reel (the next reels take over the symbols of the first reel).

Bert’s Wild Giveaway

Bert can add Wild symbols to the fifth reel that move one position to the left with every spin; he only stops when he is chased away by Sergeant Bell.


It is a game of cat-and-mouse but the small-time crook Bert always seems to be one step ahead of the sluggish cop Bell: That way Bert who luckily is your crony in Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation can always outfox the policeman and snatch the odd Twist win from the reels. Together you are unstoppable and rake it in big time in numerous features and Bonus games!

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