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Game 2000: Play now and win!

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Mega/Big Win Animations

A slot machine from the good old days: a win line, three reels, countless fruits and other lucky symbols that will make your account burst with Twists. Hang on, wasn't there something else? Game 2000 offers you not just one but two reel sets - and you decide which one you want to play. Wanna go all in? No sweat, because you can let the reels on both sets run at the same time and if you're lucky you grab the Club symbol that fills up your account with Mystery wins!

Two reel sets, one win line, one aim: Three of a kind - that's Game 2000 for you. The winning patterns run from left to right. If you land three matching symbols on a win line you have succeeded; with some symbols one or two symbols grant you a win.

All symbols are Scatter except for Cherry, Orange and Lemon: If 3 of them land in any position on the reels you win. The Club symbol is the bonus symbol that will grant you a big Mystery win if it lands 2 x or 3 x anywhere on a reel set!

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