Monkeys of the Universe™
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Mega/Big Win Animations

An evil power threatens the idyllic world of the Monkeys of the Universe™: Once created by the ape people themselves, now degenerated, mutated, and hostile. To survive, brave heroes are needed who are determined to battle the reels: Heroes like you! Save the world of the Monkeys of the Universe™ and be richly rewarded with twists!

A fantastic comic adventure on 5 reels, brillantly drawn, with the object of placing the same symbols along a line. Winning combinations begin to the left of the first reel and move without interruption through other symbols along a line to the right. Scatter symbols win independent of lines everywhere.

The Wheel of Fortune

A winning combination guarantees you a chance to spin the wheel of fortune. If your winning symbol falls, you win this round with a bonus!

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