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Mega/Big Win Animations

The name says it all in Random2Wild: Here you’ll choose freely between two reel sets and also decide the number of active reels with the size of your total bet amount. No matter whether you’re hunting for Twists on the left, the right or on both sets – the double symbols and one Wild symbol will always stay at your side and increase your chances of grabbing juicy winnings!

Your goal in Random2Wild is 3 identical symbols along one of the 10 win lines. The lines 1 to 5 run from left to right, while 6 to 10 run from right to left. The SLP and the bell symbol support you on your Twist mission: As double symbols, both will complete your fruit combinations or bring your bonus winnings.

Double symbol bonus

Aside from the double reel sets, Random2Wild also offers double symbols: The bell symbol can appears on a strawberry, melon, clover or 7, and the SLP symbol may appear on an orange, a pear or the plum. Both complete combinations of regular symbols: A strawberry with a bell symbol will complete a combination with two other strawberries, for example. If any 3 double symbols which either have a SLP or a bell symbol land on the reels, you win the SLP or the bell bonus.

Wild feature

If you stake at least 10 coins in Random2Wild, the fourth reel of one or both reel sets will activate. This reel consists solely of Wild symbols, which complete your winning combinations and can therefore increase your winning chances.

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