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Mega/Big Win Animations

Random2Wins would be a classic slot machine with its fruits and other lucky symbols - were it not for the opportunity to play on two sets of reels simultaneously! You decide whether you hunt for Twists on the left, the right, or both sets. And because double reels are not enough, there are also two double symbols - for even more chances of winning!

The aim with Random2Wins is to land 3 matching symbols on one of the 10 lines. The win lines 1 to 5 run from left to right, 6 to 10 from right to left. To win, the winning combinations cannot be interrupted by other symbols. The bonus symbols are the SLP and Bell symbols: They complement your winning combinations as double symbols or pay out a bonus.

Double Bonus Symbol

Random2Wins also has double symbols alongside the double reel sets: The Bells and the SLP symbol. The Bell can accompany the Cloverleaf, the 7, the Strawberry or Melon, the SLP symbol, the Plum, the Pear or the Orange. If you land the double symbols, they complement a combination of regular symbols (e.g.: A Cloverleaf with an SLP Symbol complements two other Cloverleafs). Should all 3 double symbols with a Bell or SLP land on a win line, you get the Bell or SLP bonus.

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