Happy New Twists: the Lucky Bonus Offers for January!

Chimney sweepers, shamrocks and lucky coins? We've got something much better for you: the Lucky Bonus Offers for January! Be a lucky devil and fetch them all - our Bonus Offers pop up at random throughout January!

These Bonuses will top up your player account at random in January:

  • Up to 5x higher Times Bonuses.
  • Up to 5x higher Daily Bonuses.
  • More Twists if you spin the Bonus Wheel daily - get up to 50% extra Bonus on top!
  • Twist Bonus Presents at random are waiting to be unwrapped at the website and in the app. For a limited time only!

Swing by daily and don't miss out on the GameTwist River of Gold - on some days in January we quintuple all Bonuses for everyone!

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