Boooom! This January will begin with a huge Twist firework display!

Lucky January

2017 is going to begin in Twistastic fashion with a spectacular Twist firework display!

If you are among our newsletter subscribers, you have the chance to stockpile a huge number of Twists. If you’re not yet subscribed, we’ve got some simple advice for you: Do it NOW!

Get your hands on these Twists in January:

  • Get 20,000 Free Twists on top of your Twist purchase! We’re giving away 20,000 extra Twists every day in a prize draw for all Twist buyers. 5% will win. And if you do, your voucher will arrive the following day!
  • Count on the coin: Every week in January you’ll receive a “Heads or Tails” e-mail. Either way, you’ll win, but ‘heads’ will give you double the winnings!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for further offers and get up to 200% more on your Twist purchase – up to ten times in a row!

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