Snooker: Overview

Snooker is a variation of pool, in which two players play against one another. The game starts with 22 balls on the table.


15 of the balls are red (and are worth one point each), 6 are coloured (yellow = 2 points, green = 3 points, brown = 4 points, blue = 5 points, pink = 6 points and black = 7 points) and the white ball is called the cue ball.


The players must first attempt to pot a red using the white ball. If a player achieves this without giving away a foul, he/she must choose a coloured ball and attempt to pot it. If the player achieves this, again without giving away a foul, he/she must target another red. This pattern continues until a foul occurs, at which point the opponent may take his/her turn.


Players receive points for every ball potted. These are added together during the game and the player with the highest total at the end is the winner.