Give me some Bonus Twists!

To make sure you never run out of Twists, we award bonus Twists as part of various promotions or competitions.

This is how to get Bonus Twists:

  1. Subscribed to our GameTwist newsletter? Good move! Our newsletter subscribers will be informed about current GameTwist promotions and will receive Bonus Twists by e-mail at irregular intervals. This will be in the form of a special voucher that you can only redeem on GameTwist.

    If you have received Bonus Twists as part of an e-mail promotion, you can apply them to your player account and use the immediately. To do so, simply follow the link in your voucher e-mail and have the voucher code ready.
  2. If you’ve taken part in a competition on GameTwist: you’ll be able to collect a host of Bonus Twists! Make sure you keep an eye on special teasers that promote current competitions on GameTwist or simply subscribe to our newsletter – we immediately inform newsletter subscribers when a competition has been launched on GameTwist.

    Competitions are decided based on the principle of chance. Normally, the outcome of a competition is decided by a draw at the end of the competition into which all participants are entered.
  3. Taken part in a player promotion on GameTwist? The motto is “Play a lot, win a lot”! Normally, we notify you directly on GameTwist about current player promotions – simply keep an eye on new teasers; newsletter subscribers will receive information about upcoming promotions in advance by e-mail.

    With player promotions, there is a specific aim (e.g. players who play the most rounds in a specific game) that must be met in order to win. All participants who end up in one of the leading positions can expect to receive lots of Bonus Twists!