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To start a game you have to click on the logo of the relevant game. Upon starting the game, you will enter the game 'lobby'.

You can do the following in every game lobby:

  • You can see which places are occupied and which places are still free. Occupied places are marked with a black figure.
  • You can start your own game if you click on a free space or click on the button 'Playing'.
  • You can watch an active player - just click on the black figure in the space.

Game room

If you choose a place you enter the game room. Now you can start your game.

You will find the following buttons in the game room:

  • Game control button: You can control your game here.
  • Exit: You leave the game with this button and return to the lobby.
  • Help: You can access Game Help here.
  • Account / Top up: You can access your player account and buy Twists here.
  • Game adjustment button: You can adjust audio, music and picture settings here.

Please note: The buttons displayed can vary depending on the game.

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