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To start a particular game you have to click on the logo of the relevant game. Upon starting the game, you will enter the game 'lobby'.

You can do the following in every game lobby:

  • You can see which players are online (list of player names).
  • You can see individual gaming tables of active players - you can see who plays against whom and which open game you can enter or observe.
  • Below the index cards you will find a Drop Down Menu, which enables you to choose whether all gaming tables will be shown or just the ones that are still free.
  • A new game will be opened by clicking ‘New game’.
  • You can join a game prepared by another player.
  • The individual lobbys enable you to choose whether you would like to play for Twists or ranking points. Whether this option is available you can see on the index cards with the labels 'Twists' and 'Ranking'. 'Ranking' means you will play exclusively for strength points.
  • You can watch a running game.

Please note: It is possible that single lobbys offer additional features dependent on the game - for example changing between different game versions in the index card system.

Game room

If you play a new game or join the game of a fellow player you will enter the game room. The playing field is on the left. To the right of the playing field is a window, which will show the players that are competing against each other. Below you can see the observers of the game and the remaining players, who are online in the room overview or the other game rooms of the relevant game.

Several buttons are placed on the right side:

  • Player info: You will receive information about your fellow players here.
  • Invite: This feature enables you to invite other players. All you need to do is to click on the name of the player in the player list. The player will then receive a message letting him know that he has been invited by you. To find the game the player invited just has to click on the player name of the player who invited him (your name in this case) and the relevant table will be displayed. If the player invited wants to take a seat at the table he has to click the green checkmark. If he doesn't want to play he can reject the invitation by clicking on the red 'X'.
  • Removal: This feature enables you to remove a fellow player from a game if he is inactive. You can also exclude unwanted observers from the game with this feature.
  • Log in: This button enables an observer to log in for the next game to compete against one of the two active players.
  • Exit: This feature enables a player or observer to leave the game.

Please note: The buttons displayed can vary depending on the game.

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