What is Bingo?

Bingo is a classic number gambling game. On GameTwist you primarily find the bingo machine variant, the so-called ‘Latin Bingo’, which is very common and popular, especially in South America.

You play with up to four winning tickets on which numbers are marked off. By placing your stake, the main draw of bingo balls is launched – here a certain number of winning numbers is drawn. The drawn numbers are automatically compared with the numbers on your winning tickets and matches are highlighted. You win if the matching numbers form one or more of the desired bingo patterns.

You have to pay the stake once for a main draw. Then various forms of bingo also offer the possibility of extra balls. Normally you have to then pay a stake for an extra ball - depending on the currently existing chances of winning. The following applies: The lower your current chances of winning, the lower the stake required (often extra balls are also awarded for free in such cases) and the higher your current chances of winning, the greater the stake for the next extra ball.

Bonus games with bingo

In a few bingo variants you have the possibility of activating a bonus game with a specific bingo pattern. Two characteristics apply for a bonus game: 

  • You do not have to place a stake for the game
  • You receive a bonus win

You will always find detailed information on whether and which bonus options are available in a game in the help section of each game or in the game under “Paytable”.

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