What is Poker?

Poker is a card game classic that you can play on GameTwist in various versions.

  • Video poker
  • Poker as a card game against real opponents

Both players have something in common. You must have certain cards (= a particular combination of cards) in your hand in order to win. You can find a list of all winning hands in the respective game.

Video poker

This popular slot machine variant is a simplified single-player form of poker. The aim of the game is to combine particular poker hands to win. Cards are shuffled by the computer. You then receive a particular number of cards - for which you pay your stake for. You can then swap individual cards. If you are lucky you will land one of the most valuable hands in these two steps and win.

Poker as a card game in multiplayer mode

In addition to the classic slot machine variant you can play poker against real opponents in different variants. The rules and aim of the game - reach a better poker hand than your opponent - are the same in all versions, only the number of cards and the gameplay differ in the individual forms of poker. Please see the Help section of each game for more information.

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