What are Slots?

Slots are classic game machines, also known as “one-armed bandits”. Normally, slots comprise several reels, rolls or rows depicting various symbols. Slots are generally based on pay lines in specific patterns created by the reels. With many game machines, you can specify the number of active pay lines. Depending on this, your bet will vary for each round.

In each round, you undertake a so-called “spin”: you place a bet, the reels rotate and you wait until they’ve stopped moving.

If you see the same symbol in the right order, you win. In most cases, the right order is dependent on the run of the pay lines. However, there are different game forms here as well (e.g. “Allpay” slots without pay lines etc.). You can find out more information about how you win on each machine in the help section for the respective game or under “Wins” in the game.

What are joker and wild card symbols or substitutes?

Normally, all symbols on a slot machine must follow specific rules to form a winning combination. Joker or wild card symbols or substitutes are an exception to this. They can appear in place of most game symbols and replace winning combinations, just like a joker.

What are scatter symbols?

Scatter symbols, as the term suggests, can get you a win from a minimum number without them having to be in a specific order. Scatter symbols do not normally have to fall on a pay line but can give you a win even if they fall anywhere. Specific scatter combinations release bonus or free games.

What is a bonus or free game or bonus feature or feature game?

With bonus games or free games, you win a specific number of free rounds, or spins, for which you do not need to place any bets. You will often have an increased chance of winning thanks to profit multipliers that are only offered in bonus games.

Feature games or bonus features can vary. In this case, you will also win a free game with a special chance of winning. You do not need to place a bet. You can find more information about which bonuses a game offers you under “Wins” in the help section of the respective game.

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