How do multi-player games work?

With multi-player games there are always 2 to 4 players competing against each other. Multi-player games are designed so that all game participants compete simultaneously against each other. The outcome of the game is determined by the rules of each game.

You can either accept a game already opened by another player (select an open game in the lobby) or open your own game (click on “New Game” in the lobby).

If you open a new game, a small window appears. Here you have several choices, such as the desired skill level of your opponent.

It is always displayed in the current game whose turn it currently is. This is shown, for example, with an arrow.

Generally, most of the multi-player games can be controlled via drag & drop. This way, cards, dice, or tiles can be dragged to the desired location in the game (for example, a card on the discard pile). Often a click on the card, the dice or the game piece is enough to place it in the desired location. In addition, the in-hand playing cards can be arranged using drag & drop with many card games.