How do single player games work?

2 players always play against each other in single player games. Basically, single-player games are designed so that each player can play for themselves. The results of the two opponents are compared in the duel. The better result wins. For this reason, a single player game does not necessarily have to be played simultaneously by both parties, the duel can also be staggered.

You can either accept a game already opened by another player (select an open game in the lobby) or open a private game (click on “New Game” in the lobby). If you open a new game, a small window appears. Here you have several choices, such as the desired skill level of your opponent.

The following is valid for single-player games:

  • both players start with the same initial situation. For example, they use the same cards or dice per game.
  • The players can also play the respective game at different times.
  • After you have completed your game you can either watch your opponent, leave the table or start a new game.
  • Other players can be directly invited. Opening private tables is not possible.

An opened game remains active for about 5 hours. Within this time, another player can join the game and play against you. Your stake is bound for this period. If no opponents are found your stake is refunded after the defined amount of time.

If you finish the game without finding an opponent, “unknown” is shown as the opponent in the window. If you already have an active opponent, this name appears in this window.

You can also log out or leave the room or the lobby after the game if no opponent has entered in your game.

You can find out the final match result when the game is finished in Game Results in your personal area. A final result will then be shown when an opponent for the open game has been found - only then can you see if you have won or lost.