Bonus Twists

A few rounds every day should be on the house, don’t you agree? Here at GameTwist, our top priority is to keep our players happy, which is why we reward many of your activities with bonus Twists that can be used in all of our games!

There’s no difference between bonus Twists and Twists that have been purchased by you (see also Purchase Twists) , except for one: Bonus Twists are always free!

You’ll receive bonus Twists if you:

  • complete your registration by confirming your email adress: There’s no better way to say hello than with Twists! Complete your registration by clicking on the confirmation link in your welcome mail. Your bonus Twists will be credited to your account balance immediately.
  • show up every day: At 12 PM (CET), on the dot, your daily Twist bonus will be ready for you – you just need to collect it in the 24 hours afterwards!
  • claim them every 4 hours:  Do you enjoy playing frequently? We’ve got your back! On GameTwist you’ll receive a timed Twist bonus every 4 hours – if you’re around to collect it. Just keep an eye on the countdown in the lower right area of the website. Once it reaches zero, you can grab your bonus by clicking on the blue bonus button – it’ll be transferred to your account balance and trigger the next bonus countdown immediately.
    The total amount of your timed bonus depends on your current level. The higher your level, the bigger your bonus! You can set a reminder so that you’ll never miss out on a times bonus again. The reminder button can be found in the settings.
  • if you level up: We’ll reward your rise to the next level with bonus Twists! More on this subject: "How do I get XP points?"
  • for participating in bonus promotions: Subscribers to our newsletter are especially lucky. They receive news about new game releases and receive personalized bonus offers. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our newsletter right away! More on this subject: “Activate/deactivate Newsletter”.

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