Purchase Twists

Always have enough Twists for your next game: We have put together small, medium, large and extra large Twist packs for you for a small price.

How can you make a deposit to your player account?

Please first log in. You can buy Twists the following ways:

  1. Click either on your user name in the upper area and then on ‘My GameTwist’ and then on ‘Buy Twists’ in the Twists overview or on ‘My Account’ in the navigation on the right and then on ‘Buy Twists’
  2. or hover with the mouse over your current Twist balance and then click on ‘Buy Twists’.

In the ‘Buy Twists’ section you will find a wide range of different Twist packs for different game requirements.

Now all you need to do is decide on the pack of your choice, choose your preferred payment method in the next step and complete your payment.

Should details required to complete a transaction be missing from your user profile, you will be required to complete them before completing your purchase (please also note the following change in the law for EU citizens).

Your Twist pack will then be credited instantly into your player account and will be ready to use. We hope you have fun playing!

Note to all players with a primary residence within the European Union (EU)

As of 01/01/2015, new EU-wide laws regarding the calculation of Value Added Tax (VAT) will come into effect, which require a precise indication of your principal residence and for us as a platform to verify your details. For this reason, all players from the EU must completely and correctly fill in their phone number, address and country.

No worries! This change does not affect your final billing amount when buying Twists!

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