Match 3

Match 3

You’ve never seen slots like these!

Take a quick look and you’ll see that our brand-new Match 3 games have little in common with classic slot titles. The square grids of these games are full of random symbols that you can drag and drop into different positions. And that’s how you can play an active role in how your game develops!

What’s more, by making clever moves and having a little bit of luck, you can improve your chances of winning!

Your aim

Just like in classic slot titles, your aim in Match 3 games is to line up matching symbols. The difference is that you can form lines both horizontally and vertically.

  • Get three identical symbols lined up and they’ll explode. The symbols above them will then fall down to take their place, and new symbols will fall onto the grid from above to ensure there are no gaps.
  • You can achieve Twist winnings by destroying special symbols (shown to the left of the game grid) or by getting them to the bottom edge of the grid by exploding other symbols.
  • Special symbols (the Cross, Bomb and Bell) can also help you detonate several game symbols at once.

Match 3 games – slot fun with extra thrills

Thanks to the wide variety of Match 3 games we have on offer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Which of the following games will you like most?

Jewels 💎: Glittering diamonds fall onto the grid in this stunning slot. Think you can transform the precious stones into impressive Twist winnings?
Secret Trail 🏃: Step into the shoes of a fearless adventurer and set off on a winning mission that will be full of surprises!
Sparkling Fruit 🍒: Find matching fruit symbols and trigger juicy explosions! Fans of classic fruit slots will love this game.
Jinxy 🌌: This game delivers magical gaming fun from start to finish. Take on the challenge and explore the fairy-tale forest!

No matter which Match 3 game you check out, we hope you have plenty of fun with the brand-new slot innovations on GameTwist!