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French Tarot is a challenging trick-taking card game that requires both skill and tactics. It is known as the 'Game of Kings' since the middle ages. It is played with 78 cards. Along with the classic hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs suits, there are 21 numbered trump cards - with 21 being the highest trump and 1 the lowest. There is also a special card - the Fool.

French Tarot is as much a team game as it is for sole players. During a round, a sole player plays against a team formed by the other players. Everything can be turned on its head for the next round as the sole player becomes part of the opposing team and one of the former team members becomes the sole player.

The aim at French Tarot is to win as many tricks as possible and have as many special cards as possible in the tricks. The declarer (winning bidder) aims to make the necessary points as set out in the contract. But be careful: your oppenents will do anything in their power to stop you.