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Skat is a game for true strategists! This card game for 3 players was created in the “Skat-city” of Altenburg in 1820 from Sheepshead. It was the composer Richard Strauss' favourite card game and is widespread in Germany, where the best Skat players to this day compete in numerous tournaments. The name stems from “scartare” (to discard): Skat refers to the card pile that the single player takes in order to discard other cards.

To win at Skat, you need more than 60 points in tricks or to have taken no tricks in Null Games. The game is always played with a single player facing two opponents. Bidding is used to find the player to take on the role of Soloist and opposing team. You must ensure that you do not overbid. The player with the highest bid is the soloist and declares his/her game.

At first glance, Skat appears very complicated, but it is the complexity that makes the game exciting.