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Highroller Woonsters™

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These Woonsters are a law unto themselves! The jovial monsters are up to mischief in an abandoned villa, and they love nothing more than goofing around on the three reels with up to eight win lines. Think you can reason with the cheeky fellows in Highroller Woonsters™? If you succeed, a pile of Twists will be your reward. And there is no shortage of bonus games waiting in both the regular and Special Game to help you! The triple blue 7 lands you the biggest winnings, followed by the triple red 7 and the triple green 7 symbols.

Aim in Highroller Woonsters™

Your aim in the regular game is to get three identical symbols on a win line from left to right. The matching symbols must be side by side and not interrupted by other symbols. Moreover, there is a host of bonus games that can be triggered at random for you to enjoy.


In this bonus game, you can create a wining combination after an unsuccessful spin. Simply nudge the reels forward or backward by a position to get what you’re after. The number of nudges you get in Highroller Woonsters™ online is chosen at random from one to four. You can nudge the reels manually or activate “Auto Nudging” for this to be done automatically. This function can be activated or deactivated at any time by clicking on the corresponding button.


This bonus allows you to hold one or two reels in place to increase your chances of winning. Once you have frozen your reel(s) of choice, the remaining reel(s) will spin again. This bonus game is triggered, for example, when a spin ends without a win but a winning combination could be achieved with a further spin of just the third reel. No additional stake is required for this.

More Money

This bonus game can be triggered after spins that yield a win as well as those that do not. However, it cannot be triggered after a win in another bonus game. The aim is to increase your winnings with free re-spins. And, with a little luck, you could even hit the jackpot.

Special Game

Your task in the randomly triggered Special Game is similar to the regular game: Get three identical symbols on one of the five win lines. The triple blue 7 has the highest symbol value, followed by the red and the green triple 7s. A winning combination can also activate one of a variety of bonus games with phenomenal chances of winning.


If you can spot six candles on the screen, you’ll know that the Soplavelas bonus game has begun. Each candle represents winnings. By hitting the “Start” button, a candle will be chosen at random. Alternatively, you can wait a little and the game will select a candle automatically. Sometimes you will be given the chance to choose a candle yourself and pick the one with the highest winnings. And, occasionally, one or two extra winnings are awarded in Soplavelas, with one or two additional candles being selected for you after you have clicked on the first.


This bonus game also comes with an interactive element, albeit a pretty gruesome one featuring differently coloured brains moving along a type of conveyor belt. By clicking the “Start” button, you can choose one of the brains to pocket the winnings displayed. Alternatively, you can opt for a brain with a question mark to land a mystery win. The winnings yielded by each of the coloured brains will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the game.


Depending on your stake, this bonus game will be played with between one and four columns of bubbles. Once the game begins, one to four cauldrons will appear at the bottom of the screen and begin to boil. Bubbles of different colours containing different winnings will then rise from the cauldrons. The colour of the bubble corresponds to the winnings it contains, with green bubbles containing the lowest amounts. Each column can comprise up to six bubbles, but only the winnings in the three bubbles at the top of each column can be won. This allows you to wait until the best winning combination for you is achieved before you click on “Play” as the bubbles reach the top of the screen. Perola also has a special feature that can be triggered at random, with additional cauldrons added to the one to four cauldrons of the bonus game. Bubbles containing winnings are also formed by these extra cauldrons. Click on the “Start” button and you’ll win the three highest amounts added together.


Three sarcophagi appear on the screen in this bonus game. Open one of them to reveal a mummy with a scroll displaying your winnings. Should the mummy also be holding a key in its hands, the bonus game will continue, giving you the opportunity to open a further sarcophagus and reveal another mummy with a scroll. If this second mummy also has a key, the winnings in the third and final sarcophagus will also be yours. If you unlock more than one sarcophagus, the winnings will be added up and awarded at the end of the bonus game.


Spiry the ghost’s symbol can be found in the top-left corner of the game. As long as he remains inactive, you play Highroller Woonsters™ online with five horizontal win lines. However, once Spiry is activated at random, win lines six, seven and eight (which run vertically) also become active. In Spiry mode you can win up to nine spins in which the additional vertical lines are active. This feature can be triggered again. As soon as the spins have been used up, the extra win lines will be deactivated.

Myster Bone

The Myster Bone symbol can appear at random on the reels. Every time the tiny skull and crossbones shows up, one or two bones on the Myster Bone meter in the top-right corner disappear. If all of the bones disappear in this fashion, the Myster Bone feature will be triggered. The reels will all turn purple, and a skull and crossbones symbol will appear in the middle position of the middle reel. The moment you hit the “Start” button, a bolt of lightning will be fired from the skull and crossbones to the other eight symbols on the reels. Click the “Start” button again and the bolt of lightning will disappear, leaving you with a win that is determined by the symbol the bolt hit.

Up & Down

If you land a winning combination, the Up & Down feature could be triggered, giving you the chance to increase your winnings. And if you manage that, you might even get another chance to boost your prize further or pocket keys. This bonus game ends when you reach the maximum possible winning increase or get keys.

Double & Keys

As the name of this bonus game suggests, you have the chance to either double your winnings or convert them into a bonus that opens the door to the Special Game by providing you with keys.


In Highroller Woonsters™ online, the cheeky monsters serve up plenty of thrills, excitement and chances to win. And the stars of this slot have packed it full of fun bonus games in which you can put your skills to the test and – with a little luck – bag piles of Twists. So, get ready for top-drawer gameplay and exceptional reel action in Highroller Woonsters™ online!

Highroller Woonsters™ overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Highroller Woonsters™ features

  • Take home Twists from the monster mansion
  • The regular game has 10 symbols and the Special Game has 8
  • Bonus games galore
  • Monstrous chances of winning

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