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Super 2 Dice™

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Let’s roll the dice with 3 different game modes and Hold, Dice, Mystery and Doubling feature!

You love fruits and can’t get enough of throwing dice? Then this retro slot machine is the game for you. Super 2 Dice, the cult game from the Netherlands, blends classic fruit machine elements with 4 entertaining features and 3 game modes where you can decide what your base game will look like. What’s in it for you? Tumultuous spin action! And it has to be seen to be believed.

These game instructions will tell you how to activate the extras in Super 2 Dice and how to become a whizzkid with the dice.

Super 2 Dice is an online slot with a choice of 3 or 4 reels that show 3 symbol positions each. Your chosen game mode determines how many reels you play with and whether 5 or 10 win lines are active. In each variant you score hits from 3 matching symbols that must land on a win line from left to right. Moreover, 4 features can be triggered anytime with the right combination: the Free Hold, Dice, Mystery and Special (x2) feature in which all hits are doubled. The super bet is only available in 4 reel game mode. It triples all your features winnings.

The Symbols in Super 2 Dice Online

Super 2 Dice is a genuine retro classic – what is a must for a game like this? Fruits, fruits and more fruits! The familiar faces Melon, Grape, Plum, Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Star, Lucky 7 and Bell are joined by a Stopwatch and a Pair of Dice. The latter is the only symbol that triggers wins in any position plus up to 6 Free Spins. The Stopwatch grants you the currently indicated Mystery prize.

The Free Hold Feature in Super 2 Dice

One more try, please! Super 2 Dice makes this wish come true if you land a combination of two Stars, Stopwatches or Pairs of Dice on an active win line. These symbols will be held automatically and you have another attempt to boost your score. Might this be your ticket to the Dice feature? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you.

How the Dice Feature in Super 2 Dice Works

Super 2 Dice activates this fortune booster when 3 or 4 Dice symbols form a winning combination. If that’s the case you can put your dice skills to the test by stopping them at the right moment. Depending on the dice number you could bag up to 6 Free Games in which you might rake it in big time. Note that only the reels that displayed the triggering Dice symbols are active in these bonus games.

How to Scoop the Mystery Win in Super 2 Dice Online

Twists galore are at stake in this bonus game: Keep an eye on the watch display in the upper gaming area. It shows a new number with each spin. If you manage to line up 3 Stopwatches along an active win line you take home the currently indicated win.

How the Special (x2) Feature in Super 2 Dice Works

Lady Luck is sneaking up on you here and strikes when you least expect it: The Special (x2) feature is triggered at random following the appearance of 3 Stopwatches, Stars, Melons, 7s or after the Dice feature is activated. Things get started when the Special x2 display comes on: All wins are doubled until the light goes out!

FAQs: Important Questions about Super 2 Dice

What is Super 2 Dice?

Super 2 Dice is a retro slot machine with 3 different game modes and 4 fast-paced features. You have a choice of 3 or 4 reels with 3 symbol positions each. What’s more, you can activate either 5 or 10 win lines. Keep your eyes peeled for Stopwatches, Dice, Stars, Melons and Lucky 7s: They can bestow Mystery prizes, up to 6 Free Games or doubled wins on you.

Where can I play Super 2 Dice online?

You can roll the dice in Super 2 Dice on the popular game site GameTwist. Here you’ll find an incredible selection of iconic classics such as Supra Hot, 5 Line Mystery or Plenty on Twenty and can embark on slot adventures with the click of a button. How about going on a dive with the sea god Poseidon himself? Lord of the Ocean makes it possible!

What features are there in Super 2 Dice?

4 features ensure tumultuous reel action in Super 2 Dice: Each combination of 2 Stars, Stopwatches or Pairs of Dice is automatically held in the Free Hold feature to grant you another go free of charge. You can pocket up to 6 Free Spins in the Dice feature. 3 Stopwatches in the right order gift you a Mystery win. And if the X2 display lights up all ensuing hits are doubled!

Super 2 Dice™ overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Super 2 Dice™ features

  • Fruits and dice in a retro look
  • 3 different game modes
  • Free Hold Feature
  • Dice Feature
  • Mystery Wins
  • Chance to double winnings

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