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Welcome to the realm of the Woonsters! What’s a Woonster? A cheeky monster that loves to party and have fun on the reels of this special slot. There are plenty of them for you to meet and befriend. And once they’re on your side, they’ll be happy to help you fill up your player account!

With a little luck on the three reels with up to eight win lines of Woonsters™ – which features a regular game and Special Game – you can enjoy a lucrative spinning session like no other. The most valuable symbols are the triple blue, red and green 7s.


You’ll be a winner in the regular game of Woonsters™ online as soon as three identical symbols appear on a win line. The winning patterns begin on the left and run across the reels to the right. No other symbols may interrupt the symbols of a winning combo.


Did your spin end without a win? Don’t despair – the Woonsters are on hand! In this bonus game, nudges can help you form a winning combo. With each nudge, the reels rotate forward or backward by a position. The number of nudges you win (between one and four) is chosen at random. You can either nudge the reels manually or automatically with the click of a button.


This bonus game can be triggered if a further spin of the third reel could land you a winning combination. You’ll have the choice of holding one or two reels in place as the other reel(s) spin again. No additional stake is needed in this bonus game.

More Money

This bonus game can begin after both successful and unsuccessful spins of the reels. The aim of the game is to boost your winnings with a free re-spin. And, with a little luck, you could even hit the jackpot!

Special Game

This game features five win lines on which you must collect three matching symbols to achieve a win. The triple blue 7 lands you the most Twists, followed by the triple red and triple green 7s. What’s more, winning combinations in the Special Game can also trigger bonus games!


Got six flickering candles on your screen? Then congratulations are in order, for you have activated the Soplavelas bonus game! Click the “Play” button to select one of the candles. Alternatively, you can just sit back and let the game do it for you. When the candles light up, make sure you’re quick enough to click on the one with the highest winning value. The game can also select one or two additional candles after you have made your choice to increase your winnings.


You need to have your wits about you in this bonus game, for the monster Cerebrino has got a thing for brains. The brains on show here come in a variety of colours (according to their value), and they move across the screen on a conveyor belt. Your job is to select the brain that promises the highest winnings by hitting the “Play” button. To increase the excitement, but also the risk, you can choose a brain that displays a question mark – this will deliver a Mystery Win.


This bonus game will take you into the monsters’ kitchen, where you will find magic potions in the making. One to four cauldrons will produce bubbles of various colours and containing numbers that will climb up the screen. With a little luck, clicking on three of them will form a winning combination. Although you’ll be able to see up to six bubbles per cauldron, you’ll only be able to click on the top three in each column. But that means you can simply wait for a particularly profitable winning combo. And the thrills will be cranked up to the next level in Perola should the bonus game be triggered at random in the kitchen. If this happens, further cauldrons will be added to those already bubbling away to give you more bubbles to choose from, therefore increasing your chances of winning!


Normally, nobody is eager to see what’s inside a coffin. But it’ll be well worth your while making an exception in this bonus game. As soon as three sarcophagi appear on the screen, you’ll be free to click on one. This will open it up to reveal a mummy holding a scroll which displays your winnings. If luck is on your side, the sarcophagus will also contain a key that you can use to open another one. This procedure will repeat itself until you open a sarcophagus without a key and the bonus game ends.


Don’t be scared of the ghost Spiry, because all he wants to do is fill your account with Twists by increasing the number of win lines from five to eight. But the lines Spiry activates run vertically instead of horizontally. What’s more, you can trigger up to nine Free Games in Spiry mode. When the bonus game is over, the number of active win lines will return to five.

Myster Bone

Myster Bone, the wacky skull and crossbones, can appear on the reels at random. Every time this happens, one or two bones will be removed from the Myster Bone Meter. As soon as the Myster Bone Meter is empty, the Myster Bone feature will begin. The reels will turn purple and a skull and crossbones symbol will be visible in the centre of the middle reel. A click on the “Spin” button will activate a lightning bolt that strikes all of the other reel positions. The size of the win will depend on the symbol hit by the lightning bolt.

Up & Down

After every winning spin there’s a chance that the Up & Down bonus game will begin. The aim in this bonus game is to increase winnings you have already achieved. And the great thing about it is that you can do this several times. Moreover, you have the chance of bagging a key – see below for further details.

Double & Keys

In this randomly triggered bonus game, you can double your winnings or convert them into a bonus (a key). The key will take you directly to the Special Game in which the monsters run amok!


The monsters are on the loose in Woonsters™ online! Crazy characters like Cerebrino and Spiry ghost across the reels with nothing to do other than reward you with Twists... provided that you place the right stakes. As soon as you start spinning, you’ll see that Woonsters™ is a slot machine like no other!

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