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Cyber Wildz

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Beam me up, slotty – to a new level of gaming fun in a crazy cyberspace!

As the name of the innovative slot by Greentube implies – things are totally bonkers in Cyber Wildz. Blur the boundaries of time and space when you embark on a galactic adventure with Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin. This futuristically designed cyber world glistens and sparkles and you enter new dimensions – also in terms of winning chances. 6 reels and 5 rows: That’s about the only normal thing in this slot. Everything else in Cyber Wildz is absolutely crazy, unconventional and therefore massively fun!


Are you already looking for your astronaut’s helmet? Perfect – just check out these handy tips before you blast off!

Actually you won’t need a helmet: You just need lots of focus to hold on to the controls during this wild ride. Start your odyssey by selecting your bet and pressing the start button. That way the reels of the slot start moving just like a spaceship to catapult you into unimagined spheres of winning opportunities. By the way: Get ready to encounter a wealth of promising symbols ... 

The Symbols in Cyber Wildz Online

9 regular symbols will cross your path on this journey again and again. We say regular, but actually we’re talking about glowing eyes, psychedelic goldfishes, cyborg-like hands and various cryptic seals. Your mission is to land these symbols 3 to 6 times on particular win lines to clean up. The two undisputed stars of this cyber universe are Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin. Both are fighting by your side and can give your winning opportunities an extra boost.

The former is a crafty star warrior who acts as multiplying Wild in the regular game. When she appears once on a win line she multiplies your earnings by 2, 3 or 5 at her own sweet will. If she shows up twice even the two multipliers are multiplied and BANG your winnings explode just like in the big bang!

The mysterious and infamous Y-Pout the Assassin is the second protagonist. He takes action during the Free Games feature which is triggered by 2 Free Spin symbols on reel 1 and 6. 

How The Free Games Feature in Cyber Wildz Online Works

Once you’re in the Free Games feature, you get 3 Free Games and much more: initially a number between 1 and 7 appears randomly above each reel on a special row. Now Kray-Z Reaper comes into play again and for the first time also Y-Pout the Assassin. When Kray-Z Reaper lands on the reels, she turns into a modifier that multiplies the value of the respective number(s) on the special reel with up to 20. Y-Pout the Assassin on the other hand is the king of the +. His appearance ensures that up to 20 are added to the respective number on the special reel. Both can be a local or a global modifier. The difference is that with the former only the special row number of the reel on which the symbol appears is modified. If the modus is global, all numbers on the special row are affected.

For example: The number 4 is visible on the special row above reel 1. Should Kray-Z Reaper now appear as a local modifier with the value x2, the 4 in the special row becomes an 8. All other numbers remain unchanged. If our star takes the shape of a global modifier, all numbers on the special row are changed accordingly.

Should our heroes beam themselves on the reels again during the 3 respins, the fun begins anew and you bag 3 more Free Games – the afterburner of the game has been fired up.


FAQS: Important Questions About Cyber Wildz Online

Where can I play Cyber Wildz online?

Cyber Wildz is available on GameTwist which has almost as many amazing slots as there are stars in the sky.

Are there games similar to Cyber Wildz?

You will look in vain for similar games – you might as well search for the beginning and the end of the universe. But even the most dedicated star warriors will need a break every now and then. How about some earthly pleasures instead with Fruit Fortune and Fortune Fishing? Or how about a journey to the past rather than the future? Find the mysterious Book of Ra in the slot of the same name or shoot your way through 1930s Chicago

Can I play Free Games in Cyber Wildz?

Sure thing! You get 3 Free Games when 2 Free Spin symbols land on reels 1 and 6 respectively. If during these Free Games at least one of the two protagonists (Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin) reappears, you will bag another 3 Free Games. And so on and so forth ...

Cyber Wildz overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Cyber Wildz features

  • Unique slot in cyberspace
  • 6 reels, 5 rows and a special row
  • One Scatter
  • 2 special symbols with 5 functions
  • Free Games feature

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